Trinity Icon
by Kyleska

"The primary feature of the icon is the characters and positioning of the three angels, which Rublev rightly interprets as being a Theophany, or showing forth of God, through the “Type” (prefiguration) of the angelic figures.  Typically read from left to right we see each angelic figure bearing the same facial and body characteristics, but with differing postures and clothing.  The Unity and Communion of the Godhead is expressed by their similarities and in the complementary of the symmetry of the figures.  The circular formation around the table (a Type of the Altar of Sacrifice and the Altar of the Cross), expresses this symmetry. And the angelic figures accentuate this.

The heads of the angels are tilted in deference to and in a communication of love between the three. This is a beautiful expression of the life of the Trinity, and reveals how there is no position of domination over each other within the Godhead. This also expresses how their hypostatic union is without confusion, separation or co-mingling. Each figure carries a staff or scepter in their left-hand, showing forth their Sovereignty and Power".