Legacy of Heroes - 2023
Honouring the "Quiet Heroes" of the region

Did you know?

  • There is someone who has been known to purchase cows at the Harrow Fair to donate the meat to the Essex Food Bank.
  • There are individuals who collect clothing to ensure St. Paul's clothing cupboard continues to provide clothing for individuals and families in need.
  • There is a woman on ODSP (disability) whose coffee pot is on as much as possible as she seeks to provide safe spaces for vulnerable, and housing insecure individuals.
  • There is someone who runs low income senior homes who has been known to make meals to bring to those without shelter around the region.
Discrete celebration

There are many 'quiet heroes' making a difference in our community without ever expecting recognition. We respect the privacy of these individuals and also want to honour their efforts. So, this year's Legacy of Heroes is iniviting Essex Rotary - an organisation that also quietly makes a difference in the community adding public washrooms, providing baskets for those in need at Christmas, and so much more - to serve as a stand in for the many 'quiet heroes' of our region.

Annual auction
Honouring 'quiet heroes'

Thanks to donations from local businesses and others, the online auction will be open for bidding from Oct. 29th at 7pm, to Nov. 2 at 7pm. Donations will be made from the funds raised to support the work of the 'quiet heroes' whose stories we know.

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Thank you
Local Businesses offering support in 2023

Top Donor: Reid Funeral Home

Gold:  Banwell & Douglas, Essex Motors, Wine O’Willie’s

Silver: Beau’s Autoeverything, Essex Appliance Centre, Essex Animal Hospital, Oak Farms, Siefker Automotive, Tim Meloche

Bronze:  Armandos, Beeline Automotive, Charcoal Pit, Chuck’s Roadhouse, Dominoes Pizza, Foodland, Gyros and more, Gyros and stuff, Kennedy’s Funeral Home, Libro Credit Union, Michigan Diner, No Frills, Oil change place, Rose’s Diner, Southland Travel, Brenko’s Pizza, Fate, Just Plus

Friends: 73s, A-1 Chinese, Accurate Creations, Auto Barn, Capri Pizza, County Chevrolet, Dairy Freez, Essex Feed, Hometown Cookhouse, Little House of Cupcakes, M2 Hairworks, OG pizza, Polished Parlour, Sage Salon, Subway, Tim Horton’s, Vangs, Woodcraft pizza,


History of the Legacy of Heroes
Since 2015

Beginning by honouring the heroes of the Essex Explosion, this annual event celebrates those whose care for others isn't always noticed.  Since that first year, our celebrations have recognised:

  • Community Living staff and volunteers;
  • Foster Parents;
  • Workers at Iler Lodge and Community Living Senior Homes;
  • Local Food Banks
  • Heroes of the pandemic
  • Local educators
  • The Essex Free Press