Why Discipleship?

Faith is not something meant to solely be experienced during worship on a Sunday.  It is something that is meant to infuse every moment of our lives.  At St. Paul’s/Trinity we encourage participants to continue their spiritual journeys throughout the week via take home materials, preaching series, special services, social media activities and more.

Independent Studies
An opportunity to explore at your own pace

When the COVID pandemic closed the church buildings, one of the ways in which individuals were encouraged to continue to engage and explore their faith is through independent study resources.  Check the out some of these for yourself by clicking on the labels below:

Online Programming
Engaging through Technology

One of the ways communities have stayed connected through the pandemic has been through the use of technology.  This makes it possible for us to connect locally and beyond.  Opportunities for engagement have included:

  • Baking and Bible: a simple recipe is shared.  Those gathered cook together and explore a bible passage or theme as our food cooks.  It is a wonderful opportunity to engage in food and fellowship from our homes.
  • Diocesan Programming: the Diocese of Huron has groups offering regular workshops now available thanks to online programming.  This includes the "Conversations with..." series from Social and Ecological Justice Huron and programming from Proud Anglicans of Huron.